RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship (online)

Rya Essential Navigation Course:  Inc with Day Skipper +

This is required if you lack the necessary knowledge of seamanship and navigation, as it is not possible to pass the practical course without this online study.

Corfu Sea School’s RYA Essential Navigaton & Seamanship Online Course is included in the Day Skipper plus package. This is a requirement for anyone wanting to complete the RYA Day Skipper Practical Course, as it includes the key skills of navigation, which are fundamental to you becoming a good skipper.

This course has been put together by Corfu Sea School principle and Yachtmaster Examiner Steve Hills with many years experience which is reflected in the excellent course content.

The course includes a RYA hard copy study pack that will be mailed to you,(although you can start studying straight away). The pack contains practice nautical charts, plotting instruments and an exercise book.


The course takes 20-30 hours to complete and contains many quizzes throughout to test your new knowledge.

The course concludes with an online test, recorded on our server. Successful conclusion will entitle you to a RYA Essential Navigation & Safety certificate which will be mailed to you.

This course contains the following lessons:

Nautical Terms - Nautical Charts - Core Navigation Skills - Position Fixing - The International Buoyage System - Tide - Safety at Sea - Anchoring - Electronic Navigation - Pilotage - Passage Planning - Rules of the Road - Weather at Sea