How will my course or sailing holiday be different during 2020?

We are legally obliged to fully comply with the following Greek government rules and guidelines for boats:

We will be avoiding very remote areas where there are only minimal medical facilities. The boat will be specifically cleaned at the beginning of each course. Each boat will have a book with all passenger details and their hours of embarking and disembarking, which must be available in written or electronic form for inspection by port and health authorities. The only people allowed on board will be the people who have boarded from the start of the course. No other passengers or visitors will be allowed on board at intermediate stops.

Additionally, a medical log will be be kept to monitor everyone’s health on board: all crew and passengers will have their temperatures taken once daily and logged. If somebody starts developing Covid-19 symptoms on board – a cough, fever, shortness of breath – this will be logged in the book and a prearranged plan for dealing with a suspected coronavirus case will be implemented. There will be sufficient quantities of antiseptic, disinfectant, cleaning supplies and personal protection equipment for all on board. We will ensure that everyone on board tries to keep 1.5 metres apart and routinely cleans their hands before touching any equipment on the boat and after returning to the boat from shore visits.